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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Hiku
OOC Journal: N/A
Under 18? Nope
Characters Played at Singularity: Currently: Commander Shepard | [ profile] cmdr_renegade
Dug | [ profile] dug_the_dog

Past: Alec Hardison, Kaylee Frye, GLaDOS, Cindy Meltzer

Character Information ;
Name: Jack Napier, aka: The Joker
Name of Canon: Batman Animated
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference:  DCAU Wiki.
Canon Point: After "The Final Joke," wherein he was shot by Tim Drake.

Joker is, ultimately, from the streets of Gotham, he is a product of all the things that make Gotham unique. Gotham is a city, huge, ominous, beautiful, and wracked with crime, drugs, and psychotics. Firearms and muscle-cars are as common as rainy days. On the flip side, however, Gotham is also a city of progress and all the latest, cutting edge technology is available or being researched within its limits.

While it may take a bit more effort (or a few encounters with the aforementioned psychotics) to come across said technology, it's possible for a person to find nearly all manner of robotics, mind control technologies, gaseous compounds, and even cryogenic devices.

Unsurprisingly, with such an abundance of dangerous technology and crazy criminals willing to utilize it, Gotham has a rather unique justice system. Whether detained by the GCPD and Commissioner Gordon, or captured by the Batman and Co., criminals in Gotham are dealt with in one of two ways. Regular criminals, blackmailers, murderers, mobsters, etc, are sent to Blackgate, a prison not dissimilar from Alcatraz. The more colorful cadre of crazies are sentenced to time at the Arkham Maximum Security Asylum, wherein Joker usually spends his incarcerated days.

The Asylum is a well equipped facility where the supervillains of Gotham city are held together and, theoretically, rehabilitated. While breakouts are not uncommon, the facility is more than difficult to sneak into or out of. It was here that Joker met his Gal Friday, Harley Quinn, and here that they both tend to be held on a semi-regular basis. It's a mixer for the who's who of Batman's most notable rouges, and all of the most exotic chemical compounds and advanced technology in the city frequently finds its way here or are dreamt up within the Asylum's walls.

But Gotham isn't all criminals and crazies, it has quite a few proverbial shining beacons of hope. The most prominent of which is Bruce Wayne, billionaire bachelor and crusader for the poor and downtrodden. (Though he does far more good with his night job, dressed up as a crime-fighting nocturnal mammal, beating up gangsters in backalleys.) Between him, the Police Commissioner Gordon, and the Mayor, the city is well on its way to cleaning itself up.  It will be a long, hard road, however, as every week it seems like someone else has lost their mind and wants to blow something, or someone up.

The Joker is the quintessential free spirit, unhindered by any sort of petty morality that might hinder his fun. He's a bipolar, psychotic, sociopath who's traps and jokes are just as unpredictable as he is. In any given case, Joker's party favors are equally likely to be either completely mundane or horrifically lethal.

He is a brilliant man, charismatic, charming, and manipulative. He excels at nearly everything he tries, pulling off complex plans and schemes as if they were games, but requires constant validation, constant challenge in his life and thus has a terrible codependent obession with Batman. He has (only partially unfounded) delusions of grandeur and Batman is the person he percieves as his eternal foil. The Yin to his Yang. His great rival in this duet of crime and crime fighting.

Joker is also very (melo)dramatic.

Nevertheless, of all the people in the world, only Batman is safe from Joker's whipcrack temper and unpredictable, extreme reactions. Joker would never just kill Batman, his superiority complex and the greater meaning he ascribes to their epic battles would never allow something so banal to be the end of their relationship.

This is an attribute quite unique to Batman, as far as the Joker is concerned. Even his most loyal hech-wench, Harley Quinn is not granted so much forethought and import. While Joker is rather enamored of her, he is abusive (in more ways than one) and has willingly (and cheerfully) left her for dead on multiple occasions. Even she, apple of his eye, his special gal (a point he makes repeatedly clear to Poison Ivy), is not allowed to interfere with his and the Batman's eternal struggle. On the odd occasion when she has succeeded and captured the bat, usually for her dear Puddin', Joker has been known to fly off the handle, shouting and raging at her, and has even released the Caped Crusader from her traps because they weren't his traps.

Because then HARLEY would have killed the Batman and that is just unacceptable.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:

Joker is a prodigy when it comes to escape artistry. While infrequently subtle, he has proven that he has the capability to be silent and swift during his many inter-cell visits at Arkham Asylum. He is a master of complex plans and organization, very skilled at rewiring and creating technological horrors to suit his absurd needs, skilled at cutting into various forms of broadcast, supplanting the original material with his own, and has a reasonable talent in biochemistry.

And he can tell the best 'A Priest and a Rabbi' joke you've ever heard. (Unfortunately the punchline usually involves death. No, not hypothetical death. He just shoots whoever he told it to.)

Aside from this, Joker is generally a normal fellow.

While the chemical accident that transformed him into the glorious specimen he is today had a multitude of side effects, only one was particularly beneficial. Generally speaking, Joker enjoys invulnerability to a wide array of toxins and gaseous compounds. His resiliance, however, did not come with any kind of enhanced strength, speed, or bodily capability. He is still a normal fellow...insofar as he could ever be considered normal. He bleeds when shot, goes down when punched (though thanks to Batman and many years of good old'fashioned endurance training, he can really take a punch or twenty), and is generally susceptible to all the simple things in life that kill normal people.

Lastly, whether it is a byproduct of his insanity or something else, Joker has a fleeting, occasional awareness of the 4th wall.



1 Boutonnière, green daisy, plastic. Spits acid.
1 Joy Buzzer, delivers a significant and normally fatal electrical charge.
1 .45 Calibre Revolver, shoots a sign that says "BANG!"
5 Joker Grenades. Release Joker Venom upon impact and cause those who inhale the gas to laugh hysterically until they sieze. Also has a side effect of making their faces freeze in a Jokeresque smile. Fun for all ages.
1 Whoopie Cushion. Makes fart noises. Hysterical.


The Joker is a tall, generally lanky fellow who could have once been considered Irish. He has a very prominent nose and chin and is very oddly colored. His skin is, without room for argument, paper white. He has a perfectly coiffed head of dark green hair, yellowed eyes and teeth, and has lips permanently stained a brilliant red. He dresses well and prefers gaudy purple zoot-suits with orange shirts and blue bow-ties. He never leaves the Ha-hacienda without a pair of spats.

A clown has to have some standards.

Age: Mid to late 30's.

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample:

With a flavor of begrudging irritation unique to this particular instance, Joker pulled the small stick from his chest, horribly rumpling the hanging BANG sign in the process. He attempted to crumple the whole thing, but gave up after a moment and just snapped the stick in half and spiked it to the ground. He glared, for a moment, as though the little object owed him something, (An apology, perhaps.) then tugged his lapels straight and dusted off his jacket.

Never mind the bloodstain currently soaking down and ruining the whole left side.

He took great care to nonchalantly grind that little sign into the ground as he walked off, head high, and he made it a grand total of twenty feet before bloodloss started to kick in and he felt a little more off balance and lightheaded than usual. Incoherent as he was, the Joker managed to turn and shake a fist, loudly proclaiming: "YOU'LL NEVER WORK IN THIS TOWN AGAIN." before promptly passing out.

It was a small wonder that he wasn't crushed by something before the robots dragged him to recieve medical attention.

Network Sample:

[One wouldn't think there would be "Technical Difficulties" screens in the future, but lo and behold, there was one on right now. After a moment, and a short jingle reminiscient of the 1940's, a white-faced clown with an unnerving smile appeared, right in the dead-center of the frame.]

Well hello, kiddies. Uncle Joker has a surprise for all of you!

[Joker didn't care what he happened to be interrupting, he just liked interrupting other broadcasts. It made every moment he delayed and stopped to really enunciate into his own little personal joke as he imagined the frustrated faces of everyone watching. And there were people watching. People had to be watching.]

It's a little game; and we all know how much you little kiddo's need to get out and stop watching television all day.

[Joker was walking in front of a clearly manufactured backdrop. it was painted, shoddily, on some wall and the lush, formal furniture of his little fake study was cut out of cardboard and taped up on sticks. It didn't matter, though, because when he stepped to the edge of the "room" there was a classic plunger box with a disheartening number of wires attached to it. The Joker set one hand on it, as casually as though it were a cane, and his eerie smile refined down to a horrifying smirk.

He drummed his fingers once.]

So, this little game involves running! Well, if you're in Zone 1, that is.

[He cackled gleefully and depressed the plunger. Behind him, somewhere not too distant, were the sounds of multiple explosions and various fire alarms.]